Artist Feature: BamJitsu

Hi everyone! It's An from Papercute and since the redo of the website, I have been itching to do artist features to share the world of these awesome people I have met at events! I'm planning on doing my best to feature an artist every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Our first feature is the very awesome Brian of BamJitsu who had the honor of being our booth neighbor at our recent event, Anime Festival Wichita which we wrote about here.
Onward with the interview!! :D
(Below, my questions will be italicized while the artist is regular text!!)
brian hunter bamjitsu artist table
For new readers, please introduce yourself:
I'm Brian Hunter, my friends usually call me Bam Bam. I'm an artist and creator, and I promote my art works through my brand BamJitsu.
creature dark lagoon horror sketch ink bamjitsu
What is your Favorite color?
Definitely green, many shades top my list.
What is your favorite food?
Currently? My favorite is Korean BBQ. There's a great place in Old Town in Wichita. I really love their Bulgogi.
lions pride art bamjitsu
What piqued your interest in art?
The Hobbit, by Tolkien. When I was a kid my mother bought me a copy of the book that had a read-along album. I was maybe three or four years old. I remember trying to copy the illustrations from it. I was drawn to fantasy, and sword and sorcery art, for the longest time.
horror hellraiser sketch bamjitsu
Who is your favorite artist?
Frank Frazetta. His fantasy work on Conan is amazing. I love the covers he did for Heavy Metal magazine. I'd love to visit the Frazetta museum some day. His Deathdealer piece is one of my favorite fantasy works.
medieval batman sculpt clay bamjitsu
What is your favorite medium?
love to sculpt. Polymer clay is probably my favorite. Currently I draw more than I sculpt, but I'm considering a focus change to sculpture.  
As far as illustration goes? I love pen and ink.
harley quinn art ink sketch bamjitsu
What are your favorite things to draw?
I enjoy super heroes, but I probably have the most fun drawing monsters, and horror themed characters.
I've drawn at some events that have really pushed my comfort zones, because I have gotten some pretty diverse commissions. The best part is the challenge of figuring out the unknown or the unfamiliar characters, and making my client happy with the final result.
iron fist ink comic sketch art bamjitsu
disney art sketch alice in wonderland bamjitsu
What are you working on now?
I always have a few commissions going. I have a story that is being published in a horror magazine slated for this fall, for 86'ed Studios in their anthology book. I'm also working on an idea for some short stories to be published under the BamJitsu brand.
horror monster art comic bamjitsu
What are your favorite games/tv shows?
I love Supernatural. I own seasons 1-10 on DVD. My daughters and I have watched it together for years. I'm sure they drool over the Winchesters, but I personally enjoy the mythos and humor in the stories.
I'm also an avid wargamer. I've played Warhammer longer than I care to admit with a group of buddies most Saturdays.
comic cover deadpool wade wilson bamjitsu art
What would you like to say to aspiring artists?
Repetition. Lots of repetition. It's like any skill. The more you use it, the more proficient you become. Don't be afraid to make mistakes developing your art.
I also regret not reaching out to other artists for advice and help. Lately I've realized how important that can be, and what a huge help it is.
cat samurai meowmoto musashi bamjitsu art
Any questions you have for us?
Can we be booth neighbors at every local convention? You guys laugh at my ridiculous jokes and haven't tried to kill me yet.
Haha that would be awesome Brian. We definitely would love to have you as a booth neighbor again! :D 
Thank you so much Bam Bam for participating in our interview! We hope to see you again at a future convention (Air Capital Comic Con?) for some more laughs!!
Please follow Bamjitsu on Facebook for updates on his art! :D 
We hope everyone enjoyed the first interview (since the revamp) of artist features! 
Thanks, love, peace
p.s. Next artist feature will be a familiar face if you read our blog before the site was redone!! ;D

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