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Hi everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA regarding the artist feature! We're back on track and since we have had so many responses to our interviews, we have decided to feature a new artist every Saturday! 

This Saturday's feature is our local friend CJ Marsh! He's a big, lovable teddy bear who is also very talented artistically~ ;D He's been very active in the comic/nerd community in the Midwest at many shows this year so you should definitely check him and like his Facebook page for updates~

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For new readers, please introduce yourself:

My name is Cj Marsh I am a 26 year old up and coming artist from Wichita, Kansas. I specialize in Illustration and character design.

What is your Favorite color?

Green and Blue I can never pick

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What is your favorite food?


What piqued your interest in art?

I have been drawing since I was a kid. Drawing monsters and characters as long as I can remember.

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Who is your favorite artist?

Gerald Brom

What is your favorite medium?

All of them..I personally looooove working with Ink.

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What are your favorite things to draw?

Characters, creatures, and monsters.

What are you working on now?

Mass effect fan art

mordin solus mass effect art artist cj marsh

What are your favorite games/tv shows?

Mass effect, Game of Thrones, Preacher are just a few.

What would you like to say to aspiring artists?

Don't stop never give up and keep trying to improve on your own artwork.

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Any questions you have for us?

Can you guys make me Pho? Hahaha.

Lol don't know if I can, but maybe Sha? I can ask if you want to eat some pho over at my favorite place in town. ;D

Thank you so much CJ for participating in our artist feature. We wish the best of you in the future and can't wait to see more of your work (and you of course!). Don't forget to follow Artwork of CJ Marsh on Facebook and stay tuned for next week! 



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