2016 ICT Comic Con Review

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Papercute was a vendor at Wichita's newest Comic Convention, ICT Comic Con. Since it was the first event for this convention, it was held at a smaller venue for one day. This was our first time attending a brand new convention. We debuted a lot of our new Amuse plushes (so many pandas, bunnies, and colorful alpacas) and our new ICT flag dresses. I even dressed up as an ICT flag inspired super heroine and practiced a lot of my cape moves ;D

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Attendance was free on Saturday August 27th from 10am - 6pm and was located at the Sedgwick County Extension Building in the 4H Hall, which is approximately 8700 sq ft. About 3/4 of the hall was filled with guests, artists, and vendors. The other 1/4 was the stage side which had seating for panels/events running the duration of the event. A local food truck, LoLo's Crepes, was set up in the concession area during the event.

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Since the Farmer's Market occurs in the morning around the other side of the building, many of the attendees in the morning were from the Farmer's Market crowd. Local food trucks were also stationed in conjunction with the Farmer's Market and brought in more people as well. After noon, the attendence became more of a monogamous comic con crowd. There were pros and cons to having a great morning crowd of people who did not anticipate walking into a comic con. Pros included people being aware of the event and the possibility of them attending the rest of day. Cons included people walking into the hall before opening time while vendors and artists were still setting up. Set up for vendors/artists took place the afternoon/evening before the event and the morning of the event.

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Staff was helpful in finding a place to put our booth. At first they tried to set us in the middle of the vending area, but our 2 booths did not fit, so we moved against the wall. They mentioned the map of the vending area changed a few times, so we were glad we came a day early to set up. The vendor application did say a 10x10 space with one 8ft table and chair would be provided. As we purchased 2 booths, we expected a 10x20 space, 2 8ft tables, and chairs. During our set up, staff asked us how many chairs we needed and let us know we could have as many chairs as needed. As for the space we actually received, it was closer to two 9x6 booth spaces. We are going to safely assume space became smaller due to the number of artists and vendors.

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It was so busy and packed full of people, we did not have time to check out the guests or events. We at Papercute took a walk around the place and agree that there was a great variety of vendors and artists. Since events/panels ran in the same room as the vending area, it was difficult to communicate to the vendors/artists that were located near the stage.

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Overall it was an awesome convention. Turnout was better than expected despite the setbacks. We definitely would love to attend again next year and hope that it continues to grow to become a great comic con in Wichita and bring more attendees from out of the state to come! Don't forget to follow ICT Comic Con on social media!






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From now on we will have ratings on each of our event reviews for future guests, vendors, artists, volunteers, attendees, and more to learn about our experience. Stay tuned for our next event! 


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