Bowlahoma 2016

Last weekend we were first time vendors at Bowlahoma: an EGL fashion event~ It was hosted by the sweet and lovely Kylie of Maiden Loliland who we have met at past conventions.

egl fashion jfashion papercute bowlahoma Giang and Kylie at the swap meet

Saturday started with a swap meet where people were able to sell or swap their used clothes and accessories. I ended up purchasing a pair of adorable, pink, glittery angel wing suspenders and a Marchen die Prinzessin dress. Later that evening we all had dinner and drinks at Room 222. For 21 and older attendees, we all met at Cosmo for drinks and karaoke (unfortunately we left early so we may have missed out on karaoke...) Downtown Oklahoma City was much livelier and nicer than we expected! The streets were filled with lit up, fairy tale horse carriages. The canal was filled with romantic tours. It was busy and definitely full of life. The night definitely did not disappoint.

Lots of fries and yummers

Sunday was the actual event day! We set up our booth and met so many people and saw so many pretty coordinates. It was nice talking to everyone and meeting the local community. Giang and I twinned for the event in our Infanta Canary dresses.

twin egl fashion jfashion kawaii papercuteTwinning!!!

The event had catered food which included but are not limited to some cute and delicious sandwiches and fruit salad. Delicious scones, lemon curds, and tea from Inspirations Tea Room. Gorgeous cupcakes from Pinkitzel. Drinks were fruit infused water, lemonade, and a selection of teas. Attendees also were able to purchase locally made ice cream provided by Hottie or Naughty Co. The room next to the tea room was a photo booth room courtesy of Thanks for the Memories. The backdrops were Alice and Wonderland inspired and really matched the magical theme for the weekend event. See more pictures on her website~

Saw a couple familiar Kansas faces~ Papercutie @misspinkstazi and her sister!

I ended up getting a fur collar from The Spooky Bootique, who also make gorgeous Gothic and Victorian accessories and Giang commissioned adorable fan art from Octopie~ At the end of the event, there was a coordinate contest and group photo. Attendees were able to also win prizes at the bingo game and raffle with prizes from the sponsors~ Other vendors and artists we saw included: Maiden Loliland, Lolita Collective (Emma, it was awesome to meet you), Vanillove, Star Glazed Delights, Gunner Girlz Emporium, Art of Alexandra Brodt (I need those super strong magnets), Your Heart's Desire, and more that I can't remember off the top of my head or forgot/lost business cards to........^^;;;

octopie egl fashion twinning papercuteArt by Octopie

Bowlahoma was such a sweet event and we cannot wait to come again next time~ As I am new to the fashion, it will be fun to figure out new coordinates to wear for the event! Gonna step up my egl fashion game! ;D Thank you so much Kylie and all the sponsors for making this event happen and don't forget to follow Bowlahoma on Facebook for the next event~

Thanks, Love, Peace



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