10 Puns That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

10 Puns That Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Live life and Laugh

Bored with all the monotonous designs and looking for that fun factor in your cards? Well, you are at the right place friends! Cards are meant to make memories and make somebody smile. You want your special someone to remember you, smile and even become teary sometimes?  Cards do that to a person. They make us smile, laugh and cry more often than we imagine. Pun cards are something you might not have used before. They are full of fun and craziness. Break the chain of the same old same old. Our handmade cards will definitely do that for you!

Pun Cards And Their Effect

Are you ready for some laughter? Wish to make somebody’s day the best. You are at the right place, showcasing the 10 best pun cards.

1. “Donut worry, Be Happy”


Starting with the very cute “Donut worry, Be Happy card” designed with the intention to make someone smile. Spreads love and happiness with the perfectly glittered donut.

2. Get Whale Soon

Similarly many of us face the time when our loved ones are sick, the charming “Get Whale Soon Card” is hilarious and sweet in its own way. Wishing them good health in a happy cheerful way without pity and sadness.

3. Hey Corgeous

Moving on with the one of a kind “Hey corgeous Card” designed for the corgis’ lovers out there, adorable and exciting.

4. You're Flantastic

Not to forget the pun “You’re Flantastic” that melts your heart in a fraction of a second with its cute and lovable design.

5. Thank You Very Mochi

Looking for something to pay your special thanks, our “Thank you very Mochi Card” is designed for a small worthy gesture of saying Thank you. Aren’t they just amazing? All these cards expressing love in a unique way bringing a smile on your face as soon as you read these puns.

Birthday Cards

Let’s not forget the very important time of the year. Birthdays! The time to have some fun and go wild. Who goes to a birthday party without a good handpicked card and a present? We all are very careful to make sure the birthday girl/boy loves our card the most. It is the most important day for many people, we wish to feel special and cared for. Stand out from the rest of the crowd with these pun cards.

6. Have an Un-pho-gettable Birthday

7. Lettuce Celebrate Your Birthday

“Have an un-pho-gettable Birthday” and “Lettuce Celebrate your Birthday”, both these puns are so unique and funny, don’t forget to take a picture of the birthday boy/girl.

8. Have an Eggcellent Birthday

Similarly my personal favorite pun is the “Have an Eggcellent Birthday” with some eggs dropped on the birthday party this pun is going to fit right in.

Lovey Dovey Cards

9. I Love You a Whole Latte

10. We Are Mint to Be

Lastly, the puns that captivate the heart with wild, crazy ideas are none other than the “I love you a whole Latte” and “We are mint to be”. Cute and classy, hand made cards increase the effect they have on the special people we wish to present these with.

Don’t forget that we must live and enjoy life to its fullest. Never hold back when it comes to such moments. These wonderful cards are designed with love and care to make sure you get what you are looking for.

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