21 Funny and Warm Get Well Soon Messages

Being on a hospital bed sucks. If your brother, sister, parent or close friend is in hospital you feel you need to cheer them up. Get Well Cards are great  for this. Taking time to write a goodwill message reminds the patient you are out there waiting for them to get well quickest.  Get a card from Papercute and write a funny message to cheer someone in hospital.

  1. Be strong. Getting sick is human. You will be well soon
  2. You look so ugly when sick. Hope you get well soon to your beautiful self.
  3. Resting on the bed all time? You got a natural arrest. Get well soon.
  4. We have a big match next week. Wishing you quick recovery and looking forward to seeing you on the cheering squad.
  5. Wish you a quick recovery, or I will break your hand again. Just kidding! Get well soon.
  6. I wish I could say get well soon, but soon is not near enough for me. Get well now
  7. I know you are very nervous person so I am writing briefly. Get well quick
  8. How long will it take to get well? I sure do hope it is soon as I miss watching the game with you.
  9. I thought you were superman. Now I know you are just a mortal. Get well soon.
  10. Missing your terrible jokes.  Hope you get well and start telling them soon.
  11. The whole workplace is missing the most awful person. Kidding with ya!  Wishing you a quick recovery
  12. Did you think the doctor was wrong when he said to eat your apples? I got you some. Get well soon and start on them.
  13. Before you get injections in places you don’t want, get well soon.
  14. We are all looking forward to your big birthday bash. Don’t disappoint us. Get well quick.
  15. Mom, Dad sucks at cooking. Wishing you a quick recovery, we miss your cooking.
  16. Studies have shown that bad handwriting can stimulate quick recovery, that’s why I am writing this to wish a quick recovery.
  17. I am perfect when you are perfect. I miss my perfectness. Get perfect soon
  18. Your assignment on your most hated subject still awaits you. Kidding, just get well soon.
  19. I keep losing my fights. Looking to see you in fighting state again. Get well quick.
  20. I told you so. Think happy thoughts and get well soon.
  21. I said standing by your side but the hospital bedside sucks. Wishing you a quick recovery.
All these warm and funny thoughts will look very good on get well soon cards from Papercute!

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