24 Crazy Messages for (only) Your Best Friend

Crazy Messages For Only Your Best Friend

You have that one friend who is good to go with everything you throw at them. Nothing is ever too gross for them as long as it comes from you. Writing friendship cards with crazy messages for friends such as these is fun. It also reminds them that you appreciate your crazy friendship and who they are.  Pick out a friendship card on Papercute and write these crazy messages.

1. You drink too much, cuss too much but it’s all I wanted in a friend
2. You’re more beautiful than Cinderella, smell like poo and have a face like sunshine
3. Congrats on not being the crazy cat lady always stinking of piss
4. It can’t be all sunshine and booze
5. Congrats on being my favorite i.e. I hate you least of all
6. I love you as Game of Thrones loves killing off characters
7. 25 is the new 16. No one said happy birthday, you Lemon
8. Congrats on the new Job. Hope it isn’t as sucky as the last one!
9. We are like thunder thighs. We stick together no matter what
10. Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life
11. I promise to send you flowers from jail
12. I love you and the rest of your ugly face
13. Thanks for having an open bar at the wedding!


For friends who have a more sensitive side, you can always go with softer messages:

14. My life is so much richer because of you my friend.
15. I know I have someone I can trust to keep my secrets to the grave, be with me in thick and thin and be my friend forever. Thank you
16. You always have a place in my heart that others do not know, and I will always be there when you need me. You are always my friend because you are awesome.
17. Rain, sunshine, day in, day out all year round you are my best friend.
18. I count my blessing every day to count you as my best friend.
19. We are friends forever, because you know what? We rock!
20. I think of our friendship as a burst of color, full of laughter and meant to make life smoother.
21. Best friends forever, a special bond created to last!
22. I am ever thankful for you, for our friendship and hope that our bond stays forever strong.
23. You are a gift to make the world more bearable.
24. You always have my back; you are a shoulder to lean on. Thank you

There is so much more you say about a friendship. Do you have special messages that you like to write for your best friend? Leave a comment in the section below!


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