Pokedonut tshirts are in!

With all the buzz around Pokemon Go the team at Papercute decided to release our first line of tshirts inspired by Pokemon and our love of donuts~
We of course had to start with the classic starters, the loveable characters we all know. Grass type dino, Fire type lizard, Water type turtle, and everyone's favorite Electic type mouse ;D

yellow electric shock mouse pikachu donut pokemon tshirtbulbasaur green dinosaur grass leaf tshirt papercute

We are planning on a design with all of the starters on one shirt as well as having the designs on different styles of apparel with a unique design (think tank tops, dresses, skirts, and leggings).

 fire flame red lizard charmander donut tshirtwater blue turtle squirtle donut pokemon tshirt

Which Pokemon did you all choose? Which Pokemon do you want to see donutized (or dessertized) in the future?

Let us know in the comments!

Until next time!
Gotta nom 'em all! XD

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