The History of Greeting Cards

History of Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards And Special Occasions

Greeting cards have been around for centuries, in different shapes and sizes, some colorful and some plain, some decorated with glittery stuff and some with artless writings. It is a symbol of showing sentiments and sharing special moments in each other’s lives. Every once in awhile we have loved ones celebrating birthdays, holidays, Valentines and many other such times of the year. Many companies these days are in business of producing large number of cards, some specialize in handmade cards with exclusive designs and some produce in mass quantities.


  • History And Traditions

  • The tradition of exchanging greeting cards dates back to the 1400’s, first introduced by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, on special occasions like New Year to ward off foul spirits. With them the custom spread and by the 15th century, many handmade cards were exchanged in Europe too. Few motivated individuals eventually started printing and manufacturing cards with artistic designs and sold them.

    New Year and Valentine cards were the first ones to see the day of light. With them these customs emerged and flourished. The oldest card from history is preserved in the British Museum which is a Valentine card made in the 1400’s. In the beginning of 1800’s, cards were considered to be an expensive thing, but with time they became common and more varieties were being printed. Christmas cards were then introduced when Sir Henry Cole hired an artist John Calcott Horsely, who designed for him holiday cards.

    The more people became aware, the more varieties were coming, children made cards for their friends and family members, different styled writings and floral designs. Time passed and cards were considered as a way of well wishing. Not long after publishers and artists started to manufacture greeting cards, making them publicly available for people to share special moments with loved ones.


    Memories and Greeting Cards

    Now, cards in so many shapes and sizes are designed by so many people across the globe, some hand-made with cheeky, funny puns and some manufactured in bundles using inks and machines with simple words. For every memorable moment in a person’s life there is a card designed, be it a birthday, an anniversary, public holidays, Christmas, New Year and many more.

    With time these customs grew and people became more aware of them, sending post cards, or presenting a cute birthday card with a present are things done with hardly any thought. So we see that these small yet important things have been a part of the human race since ages. Not only does it increase the bond we share with others but also holds the memories of those times. If you are looking for creative fun designs to share your love, you are at the right place. Scroll through our designs and let us help you make more memories.

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