When to Send a Greeting Card

Getting an actual living greeting card is fun! After all those Instagram and Snapchat hours, you just need something you can hold. Isn’t it fun getting a paper greeting card? Anyone who takes time to come up with a greeting card idea and also have the time to make it look fun should be on the top list of your BFFs. So will you be if show the same to your peeps.  Surprise them with a greeting card from us, Papercute on these occasions.

Out of a job

Nothing says you have your buddy’s shoulder like showing them you have them in mind when they are down. Being out of a job or being kicked out of one will send your friend’s moods way down. Raise them by sending a paper greeting card.

Loss of a loved one

Your friend lost a loved one? This is devastating. There will be condolences sent from other friends and relatives. After some time, this will fade away but getting up from the grief will take a long time. Show your friend you still have them in mind by sending a greeting card. They will know you haven’t forgotten their times.

Missing a wish

May be your friend was looking forward to getting that award at school or promotion at work but missed it.  Get them out of their self-doubt by letting them know that they are still number one in your eyes. Send a greeting card and tell them they are the best in your eyes and there will be a next time.

In a mess or messed up

Everyone makes mistakes and your friends are no exception. When they get into that mess, many people will be on their case making them feel like they are the worst people on earth.  This is all depressing and they will be looking for someone who understands their situation. Be that person and send a greeting card with a reminder that they still rock.

Death of a pet

Some people are so close to their pets that its death can send them into a prolonged depression. If your friend is this kind of a person, be quick to send a greeting card when they lose a pet. It is a great way of telling them that there are other closer relationships out there.


Who doesn’t like a surprise? Let your friends know you are thinking of them by sending them a random greeting card from Papercute telling them you are thinking of them.

When do you think it's a good time to give out cards? Leave comments below!

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