About us

Our story starts with An, who began making origami jewelry in 2010 for friends and family. Over the years, she learned more jewelry and craft techniques, participating in a few local markets for fun under the name ‘Papercute.’

Near the end of 2014, An met Giang, a graphic designer who made cards and stationary. They clicked.  They decided to be partners.  Business partners.  ;)  From then on, they expanded the Papercute name, making and sharing cute gifts for the world. The rest is history.

Papercute reflects our love for fashion and all things nerdy, which shows in our products. We are based in Wichita, Kansas. Now we are breaking out into more and more craft markets, anime conventions, and comic conventions in the Midwest to share our love for kawaii handmade goods.
We would like to thank the many friends and family for supporting us along the way. We couldn’t do it without all of you.
Now, to introduce the ever-growing Papercute family… 


♥  Social Media Marketing ♥  Public Relations ♥  Writer ♥  Jewelry & Accessories Designer ♥  Amateur Artist

Color: Neutrals, Gold
Food: Ice Cream, Corn Dogs, Xôi Gấc
Drink: Coffee, Shandy
Hobby: Anime, Video Games, Crafting
Likes: Corgis, Cats, Karaoke
Dislikes: Eating my veggies
Favorite Style: Office Lady, Mori, Vintage


♥  Financial Operations ♥  Social Media Marketing ♥  Website & Etsy Shop Manager ♥  Web Analytics ♥  Graphic Designer ♥  Photographer

Color: Purple
Food: BBQ, Hamburgers, Cheese
Drink: Water, Diet Soda, Coffee with almond milk
Hobby: Anime, Video Games, Power Lifting
Likes: My dogs, Reading, Computer stuff
Dislikes: Losing things
Favorite Style: Lolita, Fairy Kei, Hime Gyaru   


♥  Sales Associate ♥  Model ♥  Crafter ♥  Organizer ♥  Makeup/Hair Artist

Color: Pink, Red
Food:  Most Asian Food, Mexican Food
Drink:  Water, Coffee, Red Wine
Hobby: Cooking, Baking
Likes: Dogs,  Eating, Karaoke
Dislikes: Being woken up
Favorite Style:  Classic, Girly