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Animal Latte Acrylic Charm

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Are you looking for the perfect accessory to espresso your personality? Then these handmade charms are exactly what you’ve bean waiting for. Take a look at the various types that we have brewed up, and we’re sure you’ll find plenty that you’ll love a latte.

Alpaca - This adorable charm is one we’re shear ewe’ll love.

Bear - Lots of things in life are polarizing, but one thing that everyone can agree upon is that you’ll bear-ly be able to contain your excitement over this one.

Bunny - This adorable rabbit charm hare is one that every bunny is sure to love.

Cat - This paw-some handmade cat charm is litter-ally purr-fect and purr-iceless.

Roughly 1 inch in diameter

Acrylic with an attached colored phone strap and colored bow