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Fuwa Fwakoro (Angora Bunny) Standard Plush

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The most loveable, adored by all are the Fuwatto Fuwacorcocha”. Modelled after the angora rabbits, you are going to love them. Soft and furry, with light eye catching colors, they represent love and kindness. Plushies are meant to make you happy and feel loved, here is your chance. Get them for yourself today or send it to your special loved ones.  With amazing colors and designs select from the white “Cororin”, the pink “Momorin”, the brown “Mocha-chan” or the minty “Mint-chan”. Our very special Awe-inspiring plushies are surely going to melt your heart in seconds. Order today and melt away! 

Size: 12 x 12 x 15 cm