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Mooncake Soaps

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We are absolutely lunatics for our Vietnamese heritage, and we know that you’ll be over the moon about it too. Our specially made “Mooncake Soaps” are sure to eclipse all of your expectations, now in three distinct and unique fragrances.

“Coffee Soap” -  The daily grind can leave you feeling depresso. But this coffee scented soap is the the perfect pick me up shot that you are sure to love a latte.

“Coconut Soap” - You’ll go nuts for this coconut flavored soap whose rich aroma will be sure to have you trying to milk it to the last drop.  

“Matcha Tea Soap” - This unique soap, will have all of your friends and family wanting their own. So matcha so that they’ll be green with envy, so don’t forget to order one for them as well! 


Diameter is about 2.5 inches and a height of .5 inch. Each soap is individually shrink wrapped for freshness.

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